Once you are here you want to explore the unique, one of kind attractions that constitute this region’s cultural heritage and architectural treasures.

Wyrowno is located in Lipusz County and that means that in close vicinity of 15 km you can find many attractive destinations that you do not want to miss.


The following is the listing of Lipusz Architectural Treasures that are located in the center village;

  • Roman–catholic church with most charming interior architecture build out of wood and displaying Gothic style sculpture of Mother Mary,
  • Old Protestant’s church with its architecture adopted to house Museum of Village Life with number of historic exponents from the area,
  • Neo-Gothic architectural style building that today serves as Department of Wildlife,
  • Most delicious bakery “U Adasia” it’s one of the local supermarkets that is worthy checking out,
  • The original wooden structure of Water Mill is located at the banks of Wdzie River,
  • Wda River has clearly identified starting point for canoeing and kayaking adventures. From here you can kayak to Wyrowno and such trip may take you up to 3 hours. You can also make a longer 7 hour duration trip, to a near by tourist village of Wdzydze.

Other villages worthy seeing (all within the 15 km radius) are:


There are quite a few original old farm buildings worthy visiting as well as must-see Tuszkowska Matka – a few hundred years old pine.


  • this village is located in the neighboring county, here you find:
  • Neo-Baroque style church,
  • Number of barracks in block formation that constitute local memorial of victims and prisoners of II WW,
  • Pegaz Riding Club this establishment is under management of very dear friend of Wyrowno Mr. Marcin Łubin. You can check their group and individual riding programs at www.pegaz.dziemiany.pl


  • Porcelain Factory Store is very well stocked also open on weekends till 2 PM


it is very charming little village that seem to be lost in the forest… Most delightful 3 km path leads you there and you would enjoy biking or walking the distance. Along the way you pass forester house and will cross a little bridge over Wda River. You want to pay attention as there may be beavers watching you from a distance…. In case you get thirsty you are welcome to stop for refreshments in the local store. The store owner is the county administrator and her name is Małgosia.


it’s quite well known summer tourists destination. There are many lakes with a boat landing area, and many other tourist attractions such as restaurants, retail and entertainment places.

You can also visit a local area Folklore Museum ‘SKANSEN” that is open on Tuesdays till Sundays 9 AM till 4 PM. On the Museum grounds you find examples of beautiful wood architecture reconstructions such as church and schoolhouse. Each summer well-known county fair takes place during third Sunday in July.


in South of the village you find an important terrene of archeological sites that uncovered various stone formation and are accessible for viewing. In the village center you will see original wooden church structure build in 1710. The building’s wood architecture has a tall bell tower and baroque style interior.


the village in which you can buy fresh catch of a day or smoked fish.


South of the village you find an important terrene of archeological site of cemetery dated to I – III BC and assumed to be heritage of Gutones tribe who stayed here during their migration journey to Southern Europe. Uncovered are various stone formations some of the found circles are as tall as 1.5 meters. Overall there are 132 individual graves and they are accessible for viewing. Similar graves formations are only found in Norway.

In the surrounding areas you will discover many of most picturesque walking and biking trails that are all part of the Wdzydze ScenicPark therrytory. You will be able to admire number of hidden lakes, as well as appreciate natural variety of trees that are typical to this area‘ forrests. This protected park district offers very rich ground covers with aboundance of wild berries and mushrooms. You can also observe diffrent birds nesting there as well as beaver families.

Other area attraction include:

Korne Airport 10 km from Wyrowno, check what is avaible there    www.lotniskokorne.gka.pl

Lipusz Kayak Renting 6 km from Wyrowno, check their schedule of organized kayak excursions www.navigo-kajaki.pl


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